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1) Be respectful of others. Do not use language that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise exclusionary. Do not tell others what kinds of experiences they have had or how they feel about them. Do not SHOUT. Do not break the scroll. Do not hotlink images. Do be polite.

2) Please avoid profanity unless either the emphasis is warranted or it would be really funny.

3) Comments should be germane, and, if possible, substantive. Discussions do evolve naturally and I hope to be broadly tolerant of changes in direction. However, comments that are intentionally derailing will be deleted, along with all replies, and I will consider a ban for repeat offenses.

4) No comment-spamming. Links to other sites are accepted if they are germane. The cost of advertising in my comment section is $1000 per incident, even if I delete the comment. Furthermore, your decision to advertise in my comment section constitutes an invitation for me to share my opinion of your good or service, without limitation or threat of litigation. Any legal action subsequently undertaken against me for sharing that opinion shall be a breach of the comment policy punishable by a forfeit of one million dollars to be paid to me or a charity of my choosing.

5) I reserve the right to delete any comment or ban any user at any time for any reason. The terms of this comment policy are subject to change at any time without warning.

6) I encourage commenters to use terrible, terrible puns whenever possible.