Mar 312010

The lawyers for Evony have dropped their Australian libel-tourism suit against Bruce Everiss. In accordance with Australian law, they will have to pay his legal fees. In light of Evony’s advertising strategy, it seems only natural to celebrate this news with a picture of some boobies:

It remains to be seen whether their ongoing campaign of harassment against Bruce will cease now that the lawsuit is withdrawn. Speaking as a potential customer, this episode has reshaped my opinions about a company that, at one time, I was content to just not care about. Evony’s behavior during this episode has given me the impression that they are an unscrupulous company run by dishonest men, aided and abetted by the corrupt Chinese government. That they react to criticism with judicial harassment and threats of violence, rather than trying to address concerns through transparent disclosure, suggests to me that they have something they are desperate to hide. I would not play this game, even as a trial, and neither should you.

Mar 182010

Alert your labmates
if your prep will require all
the lab’s baffled flasks.

Refill or reorder
reagents before you empty
the goddamn bottle.

Touching toxins, gloves
go on. Touching telephones,
take those nasty things off.

Ceiling tiles collapse.
Leaky roof, heavy rainstorm:
farewell, sweet laptop.

Analog  balances
only help if the pans are
level when empty.

Also, you shouldn’t
assume that all tube holders
possess the same mass.

Yes that is why the
ultracentrifuge had an
imbalance error.

Your office is next
to the damn thing, you can do
whatever you want.

Just don’t come crying
when the rotor flies out and
caves in your ribcage.

Do not put ether
or chloroform into the
sink, motherfucker!

What’s your damn problem?
Discard organic solvents
to organic waste!

Who the hell is your
lab’s safety officer? I’m
going to end him.