Oct 182007
I won’t give the disgusting old bastard the benefit of a link; even leading the modest readership of this blog to his vile comments is too much a service to them. You’ll probably find them on your own before too long. I don’t want to apply clearly fallacious reasoning to the man’s own abominable beliefs, but please, when you read his dismissals of Rosalind Franklin as an autistic harpy, remember that the man is an ill-informed racist pig.

There are heroes in the world of structural biology, but Watson is no longer one of them, if ever he was. Crick at least had a chance to make his voice heard so that history will always know his side of the story. I pity poor Rosalind Franklin, who will probably be lost to the future because of Watson’s endless denigration of her personality and work.

In other news, I seem to finally have made the fold feature work.