Aug 302007
Yesterday Peter, one of our MD guys, left the lab after two years. He and his wife are returning to Sweden now that she has completed her study here. All of us will miss his insanely delicate orange-peeling procedure and his absurdly neat notebooks, though I believe we bid adieu to his segment of mini-meeting without any regret. According to Doro, Peter really “stepped it up” in these last two months and should have two papers when we lazy experimentalists get off our butts and finish those projects. So I guess Peter will be hounding Annette and I for those valuable papers.

Dorothee was especially nice and thoughtful, telling Peter how much she appreciated all his hard work. She had come back to town from the cape just to see him off, and even arranged a little party. Before he left, she gave him a little gift, and I really felt the emotion of the occasion.

All of us wish Peter the best, and hope he finds a good job in Stockholm. I suppose Annette and I will have to “step it up” in order to put some good publications in the pipeline for him.

Disclaimer: One of the above paragraphs consists only of lies.