Sorely tempted

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Aug 082007

For the first time I really have an urge to get an XBox. It’s a very curious thought, since the ‘feel’ of the XBox library doesn’t much coincide with my gaming interests. A console where the highest-profile exclusive offerings come in the form of FPS, racers, and Western-style RPGs generally doesn’t appeal to me. But it seems now like the XBox is catching some of the quirky RPGs that more suit my style. I’m specifically talking about Eternal Sonata, a new cel-shaded RPG set in the mind of Frederic Chopin shortly before his death of tuberculosis. The concept alone — and the idea of music informing the RPG mechanics — is pretty intriguing, but I’ve also been very drawn by the game art I’ve seen so far and the descriptions of the combat system. Ultimately it’s not quite enough to convince me to blow hundreds of dollars on a system that still doesn’t have much that I want. That said, if the XBox continues to get more of this kind of game, a sort that used to be more or less the exclusive province of the PS2, the case for it will get stronger and stronger in my mind.