The Last Jedi

Spoilers, obviously 1. The Last Jedi is a long movie because it has far too much to do, in part on account of the failings of The Force Awakens. The first failing is that TFA ended with Rey handing the lightsaber to Luke rather than setting off to find him: this compels an immediate sequel. […]

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

How Good Is It? I’m always struck by how odd On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is. It’s not just that this is George Lazenby’s sole outing as Bond, or the bizarre clinic at Piz Gloria, or the awkward way the film’s two stories bang into each other. The movie consistently feels like it’s trying to […]

You Only Live Twice

How Good Is It? If Goldfinger was the point when Eon Productions realized they could succeed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams by just completely ignoring the Cold War in their spy films, You Only Live Twice was the point when they realized they could actually get away with ignoring all bounds of reality. Roald Dahl wrote […]


How Good Is It? I am consistently unable to remember the existence of Thunderball. Unless I have recently seen it, if asked to list the Connery Bond films I will omit it and it will take me hours or days to figure out what the missing one is. Due to an unusual rights situation it […]


How Good Is It? Goldfinger shaped nearly every Bond filmed that followed for more than 50 years, and if you want to know why, consider this: on a budget of $3 million, it returned $125 million. In 2017 dollars that’s almost $1 billion in box-office revenue. If modern movie executives could make blockbuster bucks on […]