No. 6 review

No. 6 is a short series (11 episodes) that works really well for quite a while, but crumbles in its closing episodes. It starts as a boy named Shion living in a utopian city helps and feeds an injured child named Rat. Four years later, it’s clear that this moment of kindness has essentially ruined […]

Love Stage!! review

In my last post I briefly mentioned the existence of Love Stage!!, so I feel I should give it a review, too. Love Stage!! is terrible, and every straight dude for whom it would not be triggering should watch it. I should note that I’m not a huge fan of romantic comedies generally, even when […]

K review

I remember seeing an early trailer for K that made it look like it was going to have a lot of shounen-ai going on. It does, sort of, but it’s less a consequence of intentional romance and more a product of gender balance. In terms of its major characters, K is such a sausage-fest I […]

On “nice guys”

…the dumb quality of his love annoyed her. Many men had looked at her that way, and she was not flattered by it. They wanted to pretend, such men, that they were different, that she was different, and that what might happen between them would be different than it would ever be. They wanted to […]