Jul 182018

Gideon Falls #5 – Lemire / Sorrentino / Stewart / Wands (Image)

Well let me tell you I am really glad I picked this book up at random last month because it is great. The business with the red markings is such a smart piece of visual storytelling. The changes to the panels themselves after the door to the black barn is seen on page 21 are equally smart. Everybody on this book is playing at the top of their game and if you like horror at all you owe it to yourself to give it a spin.

The Immortal Hulk #3 – Ewing / Bennett / José / Romero / Hornschemeier / Sauvage / Brown / Mounts / Petit (Marvel)

There, I wrote down the whole friggin’ art team for this one, so don’t say I never did anything for you. Immortal Hulk continues its run of being a nigh-perfect motw comic. I have a real weakness for the core idea of this comic, where differing viewpoints are represented in completely different art styles and idioms. I absolutely love it, especially the cop’s very Silver-Age story. My complaint here is that the conceit pulls the story too far away from Banner, and unfortunately the divided viewpoints act to conceal, rather than reveal, the truth of the story. As such it ends up being a little too clever for its own good.

Port of Earth vol. 1 – Kaplan / Mutti / Popov / Peteri (Top Cow)

This was a random grab. It’s a science fiction story with the central conceit that aliens didn’t come here to conquer or ask for help, they came to do business. And business, for an extremely limited number of people who have been able to benefit from alien technology, is good. For everyone else it is varying degrees of bad, as the alien technology has led to widespread unemployment, and alien visitors who illicitly leave the port have a nasty habit of killing dozens of people. The story follows one of those incidents and is framed by its aftermath. I enjoyed the book but felt that the dialogue between the two police officers in the story felt contrived and inappropriate for men who had been working together for a substantial length of time. A fridging and a strange act of convenient stupidity also mar the late bits of this volume. I don’t regret the purchase and might grab the next trade, but am not interested enough to follow this month by month.

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