Jan 042012

Well, the New Year, the hangover, and most of the bowl games have come and gone. The custom is to make yourself some promises that you’ll be hard-pressed to keep, and before I eat up all the leftovers from my New Year’s Day dinner, I thought I’d share mine with you. Feeling ambitious, I came up with six resolutions, and I feel confident about fulfilling at least one of them. To increase the chances that I’ll work to achieve more than that, I’ll make these public so you can scold my failures.

1. Get a new job.

HHMI has rules that prevent them from paying my salary beyond May. I feel my time in Doro’s lab has been pretty successful, but both of us are ready to move on. I’m examining all options, so if you have a crazy urge to offer me a job, don’t be shy.

2. Exercise more than two hours a week.

Losing some chub would be nice, too, but if I keep my physical activity up, that will probably come.

3. Read two books a month.

I do this anyway, but it’s good to have a reminder.

4. Make sure each blog gets at least one post a month.

The databases of Conflux and Discount Thoughts are polluted with dozens of half-written posts. I need to be better about finishing them.

5. Design and build at least one level, for purposes of humility and perspective.

I’m going to try to do this with the Skyrim creation tools.

6. Get at least one triple-secret project past the “idea” stage.

I have three novels, two websites, and at least one game rolling around as disconnected ideas or loose plans on sheets of paper. I want to turn at least one of these into a full outline or a working prototype in the coming months.

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