Oct 172011

Dear Dr. Pepper, ABC, Miller Lite, and others,

I am a man. I enjoy many of the things that men stereotypically like, such as movies with big explosions, automobile racing, and sports where large men hit other large men very hard. I mention this because many of you seem to think that I am constantly questioning my manhood, and that I crave your reassurances that your various products will enhance my manliness.

As a single man with a decent amount of disposable income, I’m the kind of person you want to sell to in these difficult economic times. So, I understand your desire to market to me, and I’d like to help you out, but you see, I’m not that worried about how manly I am. Moreover, I don’t believe that being a man requires me to be a misogynist, homophobe, or jerk, much less that my manhood depends on drinking a particular brand of light beer or driving a particular vehicle.

The curious thing about manhood is that once you actually are a man, you don’t worry about how manly you appear. Manliness is confidence, you see, and if you’re obsessing over whether you’re manly enough, you are a boy.

You might want to think carefully about that, because real men dislike being talked down to.



  2 Responses to “An open letter”

  1. Well said…. however….

    How many REAL men are there? I assure you, they are outnumbered by “the boys”. Most 15-25 year old men still think and act like 10 year old children. Marketers know this. They know they are insulting you, but they are willing to risk it because there is a substantial amount of “men” who do fall for the insulting advertisements. And the end of the day, all they care about is making money, not making intelligent, thoughtful advertisements that respect the intelligence of the viewer. However many of us groan and express disgust at those silly lynx body deodorant advertisements (which are truly awful), how many man-children say “BRO YEAH! YEAH BRO! THAT CHICK IS HOT! I LIKE HOT CHICKS! BRO! LET’S BUY THE LYNX AND GET THE HOT CHICKS! BROSOME DUDEMEISTER!”

    True, advertisers COULD make clever, tasteful, thoughtful advertisements that appeal to EVERYONE… but that takes time. That takes effort. That takes REAL ingenuity. That requires an honest day’s work, which is far beyond what a marketer is capable of.

    Better to show a half naked woman in a submissive pose giving beer to man who is driving a car away from an explosion whilst eating the head of a grizzly bear whilst shouting racial slurs. Because it’s easy and it WORKS. Not on you. But on enough people. Real men probably wouldn’t buy many of their products anyway. No, it’s the boys they want to hook, and they know how to hook them. Trust me – for every man who turns away in disgust at a juvenille, puerile ad that mocks women and gays, there’s at least 4 going “BROOOOOTACULAR DUDE!”

  2. The trend I see with television advertising is dumb guys doing something dumb and the super cool and confident women outsmarting them or making them look foolish.

    It’s gross.

    Glad some somebody else noticed this trend.

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