Jan 232009
It’s time once again to remind your labmates how to behave, seventeen syllables at a time.

Dust and detritus of past ages brushed away — leave balances clean!

Microbe-encrusted, reeking of death: your uncleaned centrifuge bottles.

If it cannot touch your skin, it must not touch my keyboard. Remove gloves!

Banshee scream boiling precious samples — don’t mess with the sonicator!

Chemicals, hazards, trailing you in the hallways… Lab coats stay in labs.

Although you’re wearing headphones, we can all still hear you singing along.

Unlabeled buffers may sometimes be used to make your morning coffee.

Washing glassware may not be your job, but please rinse that salty crust off!

The bear seeks a lost cub — I find my pipetman on your filthy bench.

Vapor will corrode them — store pipetmen upright, with tips ejected.

It takes five minutes to make destain — replenish the carboy when low.

Hiding that ruined column will not magically make it fix itself.

  2 Responses to “More lab courtesy haiku”

  1. Awesome. I particularly like the sonicator one, though I have dealt with pretty much all of these problems at one time or another. I commend you, sir.

  2. Man, she's been hiring some awful people lately hasn't she? 😀

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