Apr 032008
Discount Thoughts turned eleventy-one with that last post, which I think is an excellent time to shake up the structure of this annoying little site. I’ve decided to kiss the keywords list goodbye and revamp the links. I’ve replaced it with a non-exhaustive list of keywords and the most popular posts (relative to my other posts) from the last month or so. The list of papers (formerly headed as “Shameless Self Promotion”) has been removed and will now exist only in this post. Let me know what you think of the changes.

“Solution Structure of Polymerase μ’s BRCT Domain Reveals an Element Essential for Its Role in Nonhomologous End Joining”

“Dynamic Coupling and Allosteric Behavior in a Non-Allosteric Protein”

“Role of Structural Plasticity in Signal Transduction by the Cryptochrome Blue-Light Photoreceptor”

“Long-Range Dynamic Effects of Point Mutations Propagate through Side Chains in the Serine Protease Inhibitor Eglin c”

“Increased Rigidity of Eglin c at Acidic pH: Evidence from NMR Spin Relaxation and MD Simulations”

And some contact information, rendered in my native language:
Email : clarkson dawt emm double yew at geemail dawt cawm
Speak it to learn my address.

Also in this post: the Discount Thoughts lexicon!

bafmodad (baf mō dad) — In a video game, an object which is not of any intrinsic use but which must be obtained in order to advance the plot. The Medallions from Ocarina of Time are a classic example. The bafmodad is conceptually related to the cinematic MacGuffin. Term invented by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik as a corruption of the name of an actual item from Starfox Adventures.

cameralepsy — The repeated recrossing of a boundary between two camera fields of view. Generally occurs in games which have fixed cameras and camera-relative controls. If the smallest angle between the cameras is > 120 degrees, there is a high probability of a cameraleptic seizure, which can only be cured by ceasing to move or (in games like Grim Fandango) changing the control scheme.

disingenue — A person, often famous, who falsely claims that his or her bad deeds are due to the influence of poorly chosen friends.

magibabble — The fantasy equivalent of Treknobabble, magibabble is pseudoscientific, jargon-filled dialogue concerning technicalities of magical physics that will either cause the destruction of the world, allow the heroes to save the world, or both. Excessive use of magibabble is a particularly common sin of fantasy RPGs. The emphasis on jargon is a critical feature of magibabble. Ordinary myths and legends often hinge on some technicality of magic, but they are not examples of magibabble because the rules are explained in plain language. Magibabble is typically used to disguise plot holes or laziness.

tatropmr (tä trōp mər) — The Abstract Transcendental Realm Of Perfect Mathematical Relationships, a nonexistent place which is frightfully dull, rather difficult to comprehend, and not inhabited by natural laws. All those who fundamentally misunderstand the process and meaning of science are eternally condemned there. First identified by Paul Davies, also the first to be publicly damned to it.

the turtles — A key problem with many arguments for creationism or intelligent design is the turtles: specifically, the fact that they go all the way down.

  5 Responses to “Eleventy-one!”

  1. I don't understand! Change frighten and confuses me!!

  2. Damnit, frightens. I really should use that preview button….

  3. not a fan of the change to white with the current font… maybe you need a dash of helvetica

    about the self-promotion, you could just add a button that links to a pubmed search of your name (i'm assumming you plan to publish papers in the future ;D )

  4. On third thought, the playfully poor grammar is better. I'm still afeared of change though!

  5. Well, as long as you keep the links to sievkins and love-camel…

    The white is a little blinding at first. But it woke me up after getting a whopping 4 hours of sleep last night.

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