Mar 132008
My post rate, never among the most prodigious on the intertubes, will drop off a bit for the next month or so as a significant portion of my post-writing time will be consumed by one of my favorite sports—college basketball. The ACC tournament starts tomorrow, and the Big Dance soon after, which means that I will be watching the television and trying to ignore Dick Vitale, Billy Packer, and Bill Raftery, or at least hate them to death.

Since my beloved, hapless ‘Hoos have essentially zero chance of playing their way into the tournament at this point, I’ll have to settle for keeping an eye on these three teams:

UNC—Having defeated the hated Dookies at Cameron once again, I’m hoping that my ‘Heels can turn their momentum and improving health into a national championship. This guy to the left will have a lot to do with that, I’m sure.

Mississippi State—It’s that family loyalty thing. I hope the Bulldogs don’t end up in a region with UNC; that way I can still root for them to make the Final Four. The SEC West champions haven’t picked up much buzz in what seems to be widely perceived as a down year for the conference, but they might be able to put together a good tournament run.

UAB—It’s not looking so good after that terrible loss in the rematch with Memphis. Still, if the Blazers play their way into the C-USA Championship Game and don’t get blown out by Memphis then they have a pretty good chance of making it in. As long as Vaden is hot, they have a chance to make some noise, though I doubt they’ll go farther than the Sweet Sixteen.

  7 Responses to “It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeear!”

  1. I haven't actually run this past the wife, so don't hold me to it quite yet, but maybe we can catch a UNC game at the Brewery at some point this weekend. If the Heels are in the championship game Sunday, I'm definitely going to try to catch that. Listening to the games on my computer isn't quite the same as watching.

  2. Thanks for pickin up my dawgs, but in classic State fashion, we shan't be in the dance for long. Our defense is awesome (#2 in scoring defense if I remember correctly), but horrendous foul shooting and an inability to actually hold on to the ball (15+ TO a game, most unforced) will be our undoing. However, watch just for Varnardo, he's a shot blocking machine (even though he fouls many of the times, they let him get away with it, so he's got that going for him, which is nice).

  3. Tulsa? Tulsa? Come on, UAB, you've got to do better than that. Eric, let me know what gets decided about the Brewery.

  4. So what happens when EVERY bubble team loses?

  5. Georgia?!…. Georgia?!…. guh!

  6. Hey, if a team wins two games in one day then they are either absolutely on fire or destined for victory. No shame in losing in that case. I have a feeling, though, that Georgia will be in for a letdown early in the Tournament.

  7. Yeah, but see what it got us? A tough game with OR and assuming we can even beat them, we get a pretty assured loss to Memphis. Woot! It's great to be a State fan!!

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