Oct 052007
It’s sometimes said that constructing the right figure for your paper is an art, and on occasion that statement really proves to be accurate. Thus it is that I present to you postdoctoral fellow Ming Lei’s masterwork “Improperly Parameterized Adenylate Kinase Dynamics Overlay” – electrons on magnetic media, 2007.

For those who are interested, this was meant to be an overlay of many snapshots of Adk from a molecular dynamics simulation, on its way from an open state to a closed state. Doro wanted some motion blur on it, but before he got to that point Ming accidentally created this view, which I feel has its own artistic merits. Biophysics departments in need of a computational researcher, or art departments in search of a fresh voice, should be aware that Dr. Lei is a skilled visionary with several high-profile publications on the way, and would be a fabulous addition to any faculty.

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  1. my god, it's full of stars

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