Sep 272007
A good review of the biofuels situation is now in BioScience (a subscription is required). Steve Nash (not the basketball superstar) breaks down the serious problems and misconceptions surrounding our growing infatuation with biofuels, as well as areas of research that are actually showing some promise. Thanks to the fine fellows at Deep Sea News for pointing it out.

For those who like NFL football, Sports Illustrated‘s Paul Zimmerman has a really nice column up at the SI website about the state of the game. It’s not about whether 3-receiver sets are in; Dr. Z is more concerned about how the league portrays itself and is sabotaging itself. There’s a little bit of (possibly misplaced) nostalgia in the piece — I’m not sure I’d agree that we should go back to the days when the players had no option but to befriend the press in order to keep their careers going. However, his attacks on the inanity of the close-mouthed coaches and hoot’n’holler broadcasting really resonated with me, as did the anecdotes about the appeal of football at the end of the piece.

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